Social Class Differences in Education - External Factors

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  • Social Class Differences in Education - External Factors
    • Cultural Deprivation
      • Intellectual Development
        • development of thinking and reasoning skills
        • Douglas - found working class boys scored lower on tests than middle class boys
          • argues working class parents are less likely to support their children outside of school
      • Language
        • Bernstein looked at language difference between working and middle class students
      • Attitudes and Values
        • Suagrman - argues working class subculture has 4 barriers that affects their educational achievement
          • Fatalism - working class don't believe they can change their class, middle class do
          • Collectivism - valuing being in a group rather than being an individual
          • Immediate Gratification - seeking pleasure now rather than making sacrifices for the future
          • Present time Orientation - working class don't set long term goals whereas middle class see setting goals for the future as important
    • Material Deprivation
    • Cultural Capital
      • Bourdieu - both cultural and material factors link to educational achievement but are related not separate - uses the concept of capital to explain why the middle class is more successful
      • the knowledge, attitudes and values that middle class have that gives them an advantage
      • Three parts to cultural capital - economic, social and cultural
      • Leech et al - found middle class parents are more likely to afford a house in the catchment area of a deirable school
        • 'selection by mortgage' - drive up demads for houses near successful school




The fact that the project seeks to explore the social class differences already sounds like an unrealistically complex study. Especially taking into account the fact that we are talking about people, the point of view of which changes to one degree or another depending on external circumstances. My nephew recently solved one of the tasks at the university regarding religion and immediately applied for a college paper review because he said that he would rather break his brain than understand all these changing opinions. But even in the same College-paper, the basis was taken by the choice of methodology according to which the study itself will be built.

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