Social class and identity

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  • Social class and identity
    • Definition
      • The sense of identity and status that comes from individuals recognition of socio-economic position relative to theirs.
        • It generally relates to the type of work someone does.
    • Upper class
      • Mackintosh and Mooney (2004)
        • Key feature is their invisibility.
      • They operate 'Social Closure'
        • Education, leisure time and daily lives are separated and partially invisible from the rest of the population
      • The idea that wealth is inherited seems to be weakening.
        • New 'super rich' which is achieved rather than ascribed
          • More significant in contemporary society.
    • Middle class
      • Majority of the population
      • Professional of managerial careers
      • Self-employed
      • Fox (2004)
        • Upper middles, middle middles and lower middles.
          • Big difference between teachers and nurses compared to lawyers and bankers
          • Not everyone in the middle class will share a common experience or identity.
      • Hutton (1995)
        • Decline in trade union membership and the manufacturing sector
      • Manual workers and those with trade.
      • Hard working, straight talking, 'salt of the earth' identity
        • Skeggs (1997) working class women.
          • Sense of humiliation by others
          • Made a strenuous effort to show they were respectable
            • Dress
            • Leisure persuits.
            • Home decor
    • Under class
      • Controversial term used by conflicting theories
        • Used to describe people on benefits
          • They are blamed for the choices they have made.
      • Highlights
        • Social exclusion experienced by those at the bottom of society.
      • Murray (1984)
        • over generous benefits
          • Encourages people to not take responisility for their own actions
            • As the state will look after them.
        • Policy targeted NEET'S
          • Raised school leaving


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