Social class and educational achievement: evidence

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  • Social Class Evidence
    • Emma Perry and Becky Francis
      • 'the higher the social class of the parents the more successful a child will be in education
      • 'Social class is the strongest predictor of educational achievement'
    • Albert Halsey used sample of 8,000 males born between 1913-1952,
      • divided them into 3 main groups
        • The intermediate class selfempolyed, sales workers, lower grade technicians
        • The service class professionalsadministrator+ managers
        • The working class manual workers in industry + agriculture
      • R/C 4x school at 16 8x at 17 10x at 18 and 11x going to uni
      • 2 more factors influencing it
        • home encouragement + parental attitudes
        • uneven distribution of grammar schools with more being in middle class areas than working class
    • Statistics show that children who are eligible for free school meals:
      • less likely to go uni ect
      • don't reach expected level in KS2 (53.5% do)
      • Attain poorer examination results
        • 75% upper middle class get 5 or more A*-C at GCSEs compared to 1/3 from lower working class
      • do worst (SATs)
      • more likely to start school unable to read
      • more likely to be placed in lower streams and sets
      • less  likely to get places in the best state schools


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