social class and education (internal factors)

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  • social class and education (internal factors)
    • setting/ streaming
      • setting
        • setting children into different ability groups for each subject
      • streaming
        • setting children into differen ability groups for all subjjects
      • colin lacey
        • middle class tudents- higher sets, high self esteem, work hard and suceed
          • pro-school subculture
            • achieve through academic success
        • working class- low sets, low self esteem, don't work hard
          • anti- school subculter
            • seek other ways to gain status, having a laugh
      • educational triage
        • pupils are divided by teachers- hopeless cases, c/d borderline, those who will do well anyway
          • A*- C economy
    • pupil class identities
      • habitus
        • middle class
          • shares the sae habitus as education, most teachers have this habitus, promotes ekaborated code, both have deffered gratification
        • working class
        • learned way of thinking, being and acting typical of a class. includes lifestyles, outlook on life etc.
      • symbolic capital
        • middle class children seen as superior in education as they can impose its habitus
      • symbolic violence
        • working class habitus isn't values, feel worthless, education isn't for them
          • nike identieis to gain status. makes them more excluded
          • inglam- feel they have to abandon identity to be success ful
    • self exclusion
      • highest amount of wc going to uni however higher education habitus acts as a barrier
      • bourdeui
        • think Oxbridge isn't for the likes of them, exclude from applying
      • evans
        • students are reluctant to apply. have strong affinities to community, limits success and opportunities


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