Social Change

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  • Social Change
    • Social change through minority influence
      • Conversion Process - Moscovici said if an individual is exposed to persuasive argument under certain conditions that may change their views
      • 1. Drawing attention to the issue
        • Minorities can bring social change by drawing the majority's attention to an issue.
      • 2. Cognitive conflict
        • Minority creates conflict between what the majority believes and challenges the majority members to think more deeply about the issue
      • 3. Consistency of position
        • Minorities tend to be more influential if they present their arguments consistently over time.
      • 4. Augmentation Principle
        • If the minority appears to be suffering for their views, they're seen as more committed and are taken more seriously by others.
      • 5. Snowball effect
        • As the minorities effect spreads more widely, more people consider the issue until it reaches a tipping point at which it leads to a wide-scale social change
      • 6. Critical Mass
        • The minority has now become the majority and now more people conform because of normative social influence
      • Social-crypto Amnesia - when people forget how or why the change happened
    • Social change through Majority influence
      • If people perceive something to be the norm, they alter their behaviour to fit that norm.
        • Behaviour is based on what people believe others do ('perceived norm') than what they actually do ('actual norm')
          • The gap between the perceived and actual norm is misperception and correcting this misperception is known as social norms intervention
      • Social norms intervention
        • identifies a widespread misperception and uses NSI to send a message about what the majority is actually doing
        • 'Most of us don't drink and drive' corrected a misperception about drunk-driving and reduced DSI by 13.7%


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