Social Causation Hypothesis

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  • Social Causation Hypothesis
    • A01
      • Social pressures (lower socio economic groups 8 times more likely to develop schizo)
      • Urban areas= schizo (social deprivation, unemployment, poor housing, high population density)
      • Increased stress of being in lower social class= trigger schizo
    • A02
      • Alternative explanation= social selection= higher rates of schizo due to social migration (living in urban area as a result of schizo not the cause)
      • Many schizos don't live in urban areas= not full explanation
      • High schizo rates in ethnic minority groups (more likely to be lower class)
      • Not everyone in poverty/poor housing etc. has schizo= not full explanation
      • Eaton- reported on 17 studies, higher schizo rates in lower classes
      • It may be that stress causes schizo not the environment and situations themselves


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