social as a science 

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  • social as a science
    • why this is a debate?
      • interpretivists - provide alternatives to positivists . sociology cannot be studied in the same way as science. Weber concept of Versetehen subjective and place in other persons position to understand.
        • positivism - durkheim believed comte had not successfully established sociology as a scientific discipline.
      • Popper- falsification- cannot be proven wrong. valid science aims to refute hypothesis. all swans are white. if we can find a black swan we can challenge the statement
      • natural sciences - biology and chemistry. key aims: searching for natural laws
    • Thomas Kuhn: structure of scientific revolutions yes/no
      • detailed analysis of the history of natural sciences . goes through scientific revolutions known as "paradigm shifts"  Newton to Einstein theory of physics.
        • sociology fits the theory as paradigms compete and theres no broad dominant perspective yes or no about sociology as a science. third position.
    • realist view of science - sayar (1984) closed and open systems. open-variables cannot be controlled.
    • evaluation
      • it could be a science (Popper), it wont ever be (interactionists, interpretivists)
    • what is a science?
      • Durkheim-objective facts, sociology study of suicide.
    • objectivity of science
      • Bloor - mistake to see science as apart from the social world.


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