Social Action Theory & Methods

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  • Social Action Theory
    • Structuration
      • Weber
        • Verstehen, researchers try to put themselves in the position of others to discover meanings around actions
        • recognised people have the choice and could act and change structures
      • Giddens
        • duality of structure
          • people are shaped by society and social institutions
          • but these only exist as long as people take action to support them and can take action to change them
        • reflexivity, people are constantly reflecting on things they do
    • Social Action
      • Mead
        • symbolic interactions
          • actions based on meanings we give to situations conveyed through symbols
        • reality is subjective reality
          • we define and attach meaning to things to interpret the world
      • Blumer
        • we act in terms of symbols, according to what meanings arise from interactions
        • people try to put themselves in others position to develop a concept of themselves by seeing how others view them
      • Cooley
        • the looking glass self
          • image of ourselves is reflected in view of others, how they react
          • self concept and social role are socially constructed and subject to constant change
    • Goffman
      • dramaturgical analogy, society like a stage, we construct ourselves
        • impression management convince others of the identities we wish to assert
    • Garfinkel
      • ethnomethodology study of methods used by us to construct order in everyday social world
        • social order is an illusion, we create it in our minds to impose sense of order using common sense
    • Becker
      • labelling theory
        • how individuals label or define individuals or situations affects how those who are labelled behave
    • Shultz
      • Phenomenology
        • humans construct their world through categories and concepts/ phenomenons
          • cultures often share these concepts, culture and society are socially constructed
            • society is non-existent, it's a concept


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