Social Action

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  • Social action
    • Ethnomethod-ology
      • Reflexivity
        • Garfinkel believes that reflexivity is the way that people mimic each other in a conversation.
    • Phenomen-ology
      • Max Weber
        • Believed there were different sets of social meanings
          • Instrumental actions
            • Actions that are underpinned by rational thought etc
          • Affectual actions
            • Actions controlled by emotions and ideology
      • Phenomena are things that have characteristic that our senses can distinguish
        • Schutz calls these typifications
      • Taylor
        • Applied a P perspective to suicide
          • Purposive: the victim is certain that he or she wants to die because they interpret their circumstances as inherently negative
          • Ordeal suicide: stem from a profound sense of uncertainty
    • Structuration theory
      • Garfinkel
        • Structure and action are two sides of the same coin


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