Sonnet 43

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  • Sonnet 43
    • Personal Response
      • What title might you give this sonnet? How do i love thee?
      • How realistic do you think this expression of love is? I don't think it is that realistic as it's not possible to feel that much about anyone of anything. Its impossible!
      • How does the poet use religious themes to symbolise the relationship?She links it by saying love is morally right and pure, a sense of awe thinking about love
      • How would you describe the character of the narrator? A peaceful, caring person who has a big heart, as well as very religious
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Virtue- The poem makes her love seem morally and spiritually right
      • Unselfish love- She asks for nothing in return
      • Deep and lasting love- The poet uses the strength of spiritual love to emphasis how strongly she feels about her husband
    • About
      • Love poem, where Barrett Browing expresses her intense love for her husband-to-be. She loves him so much that their love is seen as spiritual and sacred. The love is so great, she will even love him after death. She counts the different ways she loves him.
    • Comparison
      • Sonnet 116/ In Paris with you / Ghazal/ The Manhunt


Paul Dutton


A useful and clear guide to this sonnet.  Good for some quick revision.

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