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  • SNCC
    • Albany 1961-1962
      • SNCC organised for protests such as boycotts of white businesses and bus shelters as they weren't desegregated but it failed as some protesters were violent and the jail not bail tactic was flawed, Things were sold rather than desegregated but it helped with future events.
    • The Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964
      • Helped to set up a bunch of free schools to educate would-be voters as the conditions in Mississippi were terrible. It helped the civil rights act as well as getting a lot of attention and developing new grass route leaders.
    • Greensboro sit ins1960
      • Is the event in which SNCC was born out of. It was for younger people in the movement who weren't fond of the adult co operations. It also helped to erode Jim Crow laws by desegregating more public places.
    • Creation of the Black Panthers 1966
      • Often hindered the civil rights movement because they were violent and gave a bad name to most blacks who were being peaceful.
    • March on Washington1963
      • Was a massive success. Showed that all organisations could work together as well as that they helped desegregate schools/public transport and helped get civil rights/ voting rights act through
    • Meredith March 1966
      • Was not very successful as they rivaled the SCLC by becoming increasingly militant. which lead to many divisions on the march.
    • Freedom Rides 1961
      • Not very successful because many of the rides got arrested and viciously attacked but it did help get organisations working together and highlighted the importance of federal intervention


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