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  • Smoking
    • Heart Disease
      • Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen haemoglobin can carry around the body
        • A heart attack can occur when the heart muscle does not recieve enough oxygen
    • Lung, Throat, Mouth and Oesophageal Cancer
      • Tar from cigarette smoke collects in lungs.
        • This contains toxic chemicals which some are called CARCINOGENS, which can cause cancer.
          • CARCINOGENS make mutations in DNA more likely. Cell division can occur and form a malignant tumour
    • Smoker's Cough / Loss of Lung Function
      • Can lead to diseases like Emphysema
      • Smoking damages cilia on the epithelial tissue, which lines the trachea, bronchi and broncioles
        • A mucus is produced
          • This cannot be cleared as usual as the cilia are damaged
            • Sticks to air passages which causes a cough
        • Lungs loses its elasticity which causes emphysema
          • Can lead to diseases like Emphysema
    • Low Birth Weight Babies
      • Low oxygen in the blood, which is caused by carbon monoxide, can deprive the foetus of oxygen
        • This leads to a small baby at brit becauae it has had to develop with less oxygen available..


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