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  • Design considerations and issues
    • Environmetal
      • Does the product have an impact on the environment?
      • How much reduction of waste and pollution occurs during manufcature
      • Transportation pollution caused?
      • Does it have any easy-care finishes which reduces laundering requirments
    • Moral
      • Is the product produced ethically?
      • Is the fabric fair trade?
      • Are the workers paid a fair wage
      • Are the employees happy with the work they are doing?
        • Are they safe?
      • Is there a good reason to make the garment?
    • Social / consumer
      • Are there suitable maintenance instructions on it?
        • Care and washing
        • Health and safety
      • Is the labeling correct and relevant?
      • Is there a trademark or quality guarantee?
      • Does it offend anyone?
      • Does it reflect interests of my target audience?
      • Is it suitable for all kinds of cultures and traditions
      • Will it be stylish and appealing
    • Sustainable
      • Does the manufacture process use renewable energy to power machines?
      • Is it made from sustainable resources?
        • Fabric
        • Packaging
        • Components
      • Is it a high quality product with a long life?
      • Are reclaimed  or recycled fabrics/components used?


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