STL explanations of aggression .

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  • SLT to explain aggression
    • Bandura
      • influenced by the work of skinner
      • Bandura extended skinners ideas
        • we learn by copying the behaviours of others- modeling
        • vicarious reinforcement
      • modeling behavior involves 4 processes
        • attention
        • retention
        • reproduction
        • motivation
      • who are we likely to copy
        • people we admire
        • people we respect
        • people like us
        • people in positions of power
        • parents/ peers also influential
        • people with a low self esteem more likely to copy behaviors of others
      • Bobo doll study supports SLT
        • lab experiment
          • low ecological validity
        • Bobo doll not a real person
    • individual differences
      • biological factors
      • cultural differences
        • not all people demonstrate aggressive behaviour
          • e.g amish supports nature debate
    • media and aggression
      • Baley 40 young murderers 200 sex offenders
        • found they repeadtedley viewd violnet and pornagrphic videos
          • supports nurture
          • extreme group of people
            • can not generalise to general population
          • may be these people were naturally aggressive
            • so choose to watch violent films
      • appears that children copy aggressive behaviour they see


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