Bilogical gender

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  • Biological theory of gender
    • Diamond and sigmundson
      • Case study of a boy who had his penis accidentaly burnt off at circumcision. He was then raised as a girl. When he reached puberty it became apparent that he was a boy. They conducted a case study.
      • The study has low internal validity. This is due to the study being only on 1 person.
      • Study supports nature
    • Cross cultural research
      • Its a comparison of 2 or more cultures
      • It would support nature if all cultures acted the same. Would support nurture if cultures were different
      • Williams and best conducted a study to investigate if sex role stereotyping was the same around the world. 24 different cultures were studied. They were shown a silhouette and told a story about them. They were told a story about it. One was emotional and the other was aggressive. Most cultures said the female was emotional and the male was agressive
        • There are possible validity issues as the silhouttes may not have made sense to all cultures.
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    • Hormones
      • They believe that hormones control our gender development. Testosotrone is the main male hormone which is believed to be responsible for aggression. The main female hormone is oestrogen.


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