Social Larning Theory - Biopsychology

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  • SLT
    • Basic Assumptions
      • Mediational processes influence our behaviour
      • Observational learning has 4 conditions
        • Attention
        • Retention
        • Reproduction
        • Motivation
      • Learning can occur by observing role models in the environment
      • Learning can be a result of direct/undirect reinforcement and vicarious reinforcement
    • Bandura
      • Showed 3-6yr old boys and girls a video of children of a similar age were shown to behave agressively towards a bobo doll
      • Three endings of the video
        • Adult in film commented positively on the behaviour
        • Adult commented negatively on the behaviour
        • Adult made no comment at all
    • Strengths
      • Takes into account the cognitive processes involved in learning
      • Use both experimental and non-experimental methods of research
      • Applied to many areas of psychology and has provided effective explanations for behaviour
        • EG: acquisition of gender roles
    • Weaknesses
      • Does not fully explain individual differences
      • Does not account for all behaviour


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