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  • Social learning theory of gender
    • Behaviour learned through observation
      • No psychological differences between M and F when born; differences due to society
    • Supporting research Smith and Lloyd (1978) Mothers treat infant according to the gender they believed it to be; hammer toys for boys and dolls for girls
      • Suggests parents' influence
    • Media provides symbolic models; children identify and imitate
      • Supporting research Williams (1986) Canada town about to receive TV; no stereotypes w/o TV; increased w/ TV
      • Limitations Research doesn't show C+E; may be exaggerated (much gender development occurs before 4yo, media influence is weak)
        • Media likely to reinforce ideas instead of establishing them
    • Culture provides whether gender is biological or social
      • Would all be the same if biological
      • Williams and Best (1982) PPs from 27 countries; categorise masc. and fem. traits; broad agreement
        • Ignores androgyny and individual differences; self-report (social desirability bias)
      • La Fromboise et al (1990) Gender roles in NA tribes differed from Western cultures; women were warriors
        • Suggests gender roles are a social construction
  • Retention     Is model's behaviour remembered?
    • Attention Observers pay attention to model
      • Models tend to be same gender and same age
    • Motor reproduction Can observer fully replicate behaviour?
      • Motivation Rewards for imitating model


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