SLT for Anorexia

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  • SLT (AN)
    • MODELLING - can be acquired indirectly, through observation of a model
    • IDENTIFICATION AND VR - danger that young women aware of media figures may identify with the glamour of female celebs, models, actresses.
    • ROLE OF THE MEDIA - media provides rich source of symbolic models and powerful transmitter of cultural ideals about body size and shape.
  • Someone who provides a template for behaviour to be imitated.
  • Model can exist in real life or be fictional
  • Models privde a behaviour to follow and also modify social norms by establishing what is acceptable behaviour in a situation.
  • Models are most influential if the child identifies with them.
  • VICARIOUS REINFORCEMENT - depends on observing positive or negative consequences of that behaviour
  • If the model is rewarded for losing weight, it is more likely the observer will imitate, they recieve reinforcement indirectly.
  • Family members are major sources of VR. A lot of time is spent together, so observation of a behaviour is repeated frequently over time.
  • Media communicate images of the ideal body shape for women and men
  • In most Western cultures, this ideal has become thinner and thinner, to the point size 0 is aspired to.
  • This motivates them to behave in ways that help them lose weight and achieve thinness.
  • This behaviour would be vicariously reinforced by the rewarding fame, success, wealth


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