Slim - Character Revision

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  • Slim
    • Highly respected.
      • Everyone in the ranch knows Slim has power.
        • "This was Slim, the jerkline skinner."
      • When Candy's dog was to be shot, Candy went ahead because Slim agreed the dog needed to be killed.
        • Candy respects Slim.
        • Slim also tells Carlson to take a shovel so Candy doesn't have to bury the dog himself.
          • "Carlson, take a shovel."
        • "Candy looked a long time at Slim to try to find some reversal."
      • He is trusted by George although they had just met.
        • "You wouldn't tell would'ya? Course you wouldn't"
    • Royal and noble.
      • In the book, Steinbeck describes Slim as quite friendly and reliable.
      • He has authority.
        • "and he moved with a majesty only achieved by royalty."
        • "his authority was so great, his word was taken on any subject, being politics or love"
      • He is regarded high up in his field of work.
        • Works as a 'jerkline skinner'.
          • He is the leader of the mule pack, meaning he is used to running things under control.
        • "he was prince of the ranch"
    • He is attractive.
      • This is why Curley is suspicious of Slim.
      • "there was a gravity in his matter."
        • He is so attractive, he's like gravity.
      • "his hatchet face was ageless."
    • Slim + Curley's Wife
      • Curley is suspicious of Slim and his wife.
      • She gives Curley's wife the attention she wants.
        • ...that she doesn't get from Curley.
        • "Hi Good Lookin'"
      • He isn't afraid of Curley's wife like everyone else.
        • This also suggests Slim may not be afraid of Curley either.
    • Omnipresent.
      • Slim is always at the key events of the novel.
      • He helps make sure what is done is merciful or right.
      • He is like God.
        • "godlike eyes"
        • "all talk stopped when he spoke."
    • His function in the novel is to be a confidant.
      • confidant = a close friend for private problems to be discussed with.
      • This is because George can't really talk to Lennie the way he can Slim.
      • Good judge of character.
        • "He ain't a mean guy."


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