Of Mice and Men Slim analysis

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  • Slim
    • Subtle yet important
    • Hidden but shines
    • Easily forgotten but has huge impact on characters
      • George
    • Influencial
      • "a powerful big stomached man came into the bunkhouse. His head still dripped from scrubbing"
        • "Powerful"-someone to look up to/ role model.
        • "still"- regularly hardworking. Genuine character
    • Tall, thin as name suggests.
    • Modest
      • "Slim moved back slightly so that the light wasn't in his face"
        • "Light" represents dreams. Doesn't want to get involved in them. Get in the way of them. Silent hero
        • "He moved back out of the light"
          • There for people.
          • Light always shines when he's there
            • Relgious aspect?
          • Opposite of Curleys wife
        • Doesn't want to be in spotlight
    • wise
      • "George looked over at Slim and saw the calm, Godlike eyes fasten on him"
        • "Godlike" only direct mention of religion. Special. Everyone looks up to him
          • Relgious aspect?
        • Caring, wise and non-judgemental
        • "eyes fastened" good listener. Pays full attention
    • Non-judgmental
      • "You hadda George, I swear you hadda, come with me"
        • Repetition to reassure that George did the right thing
        • THEME friendship
          • No matter how under class, or unhappy there is always someone there- Slim
    • Voice of Steinbeck
    • Masculine ideal


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