SLIM Of Mice and Men

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  • SLIM
    • Leader
      • Prince of the ranch
        • "His opinion was law"
        • "Royalty and master craftsmen"
    • Good listener
      • George told him about what happened in weed
      • "His ear heard more than was said to him"
    • Mysterious
      • We dont know anything about Slim
        • He could be any age
      • "Calm eyes followed Lennie"
    • Responsible
      • He made sure that Lennie did not get canned by Curley
    • Physical appearance
      • "His face was hatchet"
      • "God-like"
      • "He moved with a majesty"
      • "He comed his long, black,damp hair straight back"
      • "His face was ageless"
    • Kind to everyone
      • Calls Crooks by his name
        • "Oh! Hello, Crooks. What's a matter"
      • Nice to Curley's wife
      • He gave Lennie a puppy


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