Sliding filament theory

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  • Sliding Filament theory
    • Nerve impulse arrives at neuromuscular junction
    • Calcium ions released from sarcoplasmic reticulum
    • Calcium ions diffuse through the sarcoplasm
    • Calcium ions attach to the troponin, causing it to move
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    • Tropomyosin shifts
    • Myosin binding site exposed
    • Myosin heads bind with binding site
    • Cross bridges form
    • Myosin head bind to actin
    • ADP and Pi released from myosin head
    • Myosin changes shape
    • Myosin head nods forward
      • Filaments move
        • Actin moves over myosin
    • ATP binds to myosin head
    • Myosin head detaches
    • ATPase on myosin head hyrolyses ATP
      • ADP and Pi formed
    • Myosin head changes shape
      • Returns to upright position
    • Cycle starts again


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