Sliding Filament Hypothesis

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  • Sliding Filament Hypothesis
    • Myosin - thick protein filament
      • Myosin heads have binding sites for the actin molecules
    • Actin - thin protein filament
    • Troponin - globular protein on actin
    • Tropomyosin - thread like protein that winds around the surface of actin
    • Contraction - Arrival of a nerve impulse at the junction between a  motor neurone and the muscle fibre
      • Resting muscle fibres - thick myosin heads are prevented from attaching to the thin filaments by tropomyosin. Myofibrils have large Ca+ stores in the sarcoplasmic reticulum
        • Transverse Tubules - Spaced along the sarcolemma of the muscle fibre are in-foldings  spread repeatedly on the inside of the myofibril, they are near the Ca+ filled sacs
    • One nerve stimulation stops - the wave of electrical activity ceases; the Ca+ are pumped back to the Sarc Ret and the protein mol return to their resting shape with the tropomyosin covering the active site on the actin filament= myosin heads cannot bind
      • Myosin-ATPase is no longer formed & therefore no ATP broken down - energy not released = there is not tension created in the muscle so it relaxes


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