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  • Skills Britain Paper
    • Q.1
      • INFERENCE- two supported inferences, the source suggests that... because... what can you learn? 6 marks 8/10 mins, 1 paragraph
    • Q.2
      • Interpretation- What was the Purpose and message? 8 marks- Who produced it? when was it produced? what details have been included and why? what do they suggest about the purpose? What is the center of attention and why? has anything been deliberately missed out? Purpose? contextual knowledge? why does the context support the source?
    • Q.3
      • Source interpretation, comprehension and cross-reference. Support? how far do they support? content? reliability? 10 marks, how far do sources A &S support the evidence of C, 10 marks- 15 mins, two paragraphs
    • Q.5
    • Q.4
      • UTILITY & RELIABILITY- 10 marks, twp paragraghs- 15mins Usefulness of contents and limitations, usefulness of NOP(nature, origin, purpose) and limitations


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