Skills Afon syfynwy 

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  • Skills Afon syfynwy
    • Aim
      • To investigate downstreamchanges in channel variables.
    • Hypothesis
      • Alternate: There is a stastistically significant relationship between the hydraulic radius and the velocity.
      • Null: There is no stastistically significant relationship between the hydraulic radius and the velocity.
    • Spearmans rank
      • RS value: 0.71
      • Critical value 95% - 0.648  99% - 0.794
      • Our RSvalue > critical value at 95%              < 99% value
      • Only 5 in 100 cases the resulst were obtained by chance.
      • Accept the alternate hypothesis reject the null hypothesis.
    • Collecting the data
      • Equipment
        • Tape measure
        • Stopwatch
        • Meter ruler
        • Hydroprop and impellor
        • Pebble callipers
        • Dumpy level
        • Better quipment could be used like; digital flow meter, laser callipers but it would have been more expensive.
      • Use examples when describing a sampling method
        • e.g. at site 3 the river was 3 meters wide, we wanted 5 different sections. measured the velocity every 50cm accross the river.
    • Why we choose that river
      • We were staying at the field centre and the river is within half an hour drive
      • Accessiable
      • The river was short so we could sample the whole river in a whole day.
    • Location
      • North Prembrokshire
      • Source: Preseli hills 526m above sea level
      • Site 1: Pantmaenog Forest, 1st order stream. Used for forestry
      • Sote 2: Further downstream, 2nd order stream.
      • Catchment: 67km2
      • Site 3: Close to the village of Rosebush, before the resivour. 3rd order stream.
      • Site 4: Located close to the Llys-y-Fran resivour at 'Farthing Bridge' 4th order
    • Conclusion
      • Our results are incompleate
        • We could not measure around the waterfall, residential area or at the mouth
      • Tentative (not good)
        • Only relavant to that river in that season on that day.
        • The whole river was not sampled
      • Further studies could be carried out on different rivers in different seasons
      • The study helped us better understand the Bradshaw model
        • As we saw the rive characteristics change as we moved downstream


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