Skill-Related Fitness Testing

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  • Skill-Related Fitness Testing
    • Agility - Illinois Agility Run Test
      • The course is set up so that you have to constantly change direction.
      • The more agile you are, the quicker you'll be able to complete the course.
    • Coordination - Three ball juggle
      • To be able to juggle, you need to be coordinated. The better your coordination, the longer you should be able to juggle for.
    • Balance - Standing Stork Test
      • Stand on your best leg with your other foot touching your knee, and your hands on your hips.
      • Time how long you can stand there. Wobbling is allowed but no moving your feet or hands.
      • Do the test three times and record your best time.
    • Power - Standing Broad Jump Test
      • It's just like doing the long jump, but from a standing start.
      • Jump as far forward as your can (you can swing your arms to help you jump further) landing on both feet.
      • How far you jump depends on the power your leg muscles can produce. The greater the power, the further you jump.
    • Speed - 30m sprint test
      • simply time how long it takes you to run 30m metres.
    • Reaction Time - The ruler drop test
      • Get a friend to hold a ruler vertically between your thumb and first finger. The 0cm mark on the ruler should be in line with the top of your thumb.
      • Your friend drops the ruler - you have to try and catch it as soon as you see it drop.
      • Read off the distance the ruler fell before you managed to catch it. The slower your reactions, the longer it takes you to catch the ruler, so further up the ruler you'll catch it.
    • Power - Sargent Jump Test
      • Put chalk on your finger tips, and stand side-on to a wall.
      • Raise the arm that is nearest the wall and mark the highest point you can reach.
      • Still standing side-on to the wall, jump and mark the wall as high up as you can.
      • The more powerful your leg muscles are, the larger the distance will be between your first mark and the second mark.


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