Skill/motor-related fitness

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  • Skill/motor related fitness.
    • Agility
      • defenition:Ability to move the body quickly with control
      • EG. a dodge in netball
    • Balance
      • Definition:ability to keep the centre of gravity over a base of support.
      • Static balance: a still balance EG. a handstand in gymnastics
      • Dynamic balance: a balance whilst moving EG. a skier during a slalom course.
    • Co-ordination
      • Definition:A combination of the motor syatems and nervous systems working together. A balanced and efetive ineractionof movement or body parts.
      • EG.catching a ball
    • Reaction Time
      • Definition: tme taken from the detection of the stimuus the the start of the response
      • EG. a sprinter reacting to the gun at the start of a 100m race.


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