Skill Related Fitness

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  • Skill Related Fitness
    • Agility
      • The ability to change the position of the body quickly and to control the movement of the whole body.
      • Rugby Players, Squash Player
    • Balance
      • Ability to retain body's centre of mass above the base support whether static or dynamic, conditions of movement, shape and orientation.
      • Gymnast, Discus Thrower
      • Used in all activities
      • About keeping steady to get the best result in performance.
    • Co-ordination
      • The ability to use 2 or more body parts together
      • Hand eye coordination, foot eye coordination
      • Tennic Player, Football player, Basketball
    • Power
      • Using strength at speed - explosive movement
      • Sprinter (start), Gymnast, Tennier Player
      • The ability to do strength performances quickly.
    • Reaction Time
      • Time it takes to react to a given stimulus
      • Rugby Player, Sprinter, Swimmer, Gymnast
      • Adapt quickly to a change
    • Speed
      • The amount of time it take to perform a particular action or cover a distance
      • Vital in any race.
      • Javalin, Sprinter, Rugby Player


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