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  • Skelton
    • Magnyfycence (1520s)
      • Orator Regius
        • Minions Privy Chamber 1518: influence over the king. Conservative outrage
        • Morality play motifs transposed in to courtly setting
          • Prince attempted suicide - temptation, sin, repentance
          • Socio-political significance
            • Secular concerns of good government: management of the State and Aristotetalian debate on true kingship
        • Purge of vices = promotes virtue of sovereign
          • Reclothed through Good Hope and Friends: regeneration
    • Bowge of the Court (1498)
      • Drede = FEAR. Questions poet's 'connynge' to feign and deceive
        • 'Cloak truth' -allegory and metaphor
          • Linguistic and moral treachery: poets and courtiers
            • Favell/Dysymulacion
        • anxious poetic identity
          • Compare with Garland (1523) and Occupation
      • Jump ship
    • Speke Parrott
      • Heteroglossicdiscourse
        • Irony of language: vehicle for discourse and protection
      • Wallace Divine Prophet: Vulgate Latin Psalms 82. HomeopathicSatire
        • Court limitations to poet's divine role of truth
          • Galathea's invocation of plain political speech limited: Royal Envoy closing
            • Virgil's Galatea as seductress (Eclogue 3): pelts singer with apple - symbol of love. Yet she arouses him morally
          • Ladies' plaything: removed from the masculine action of the court
        • Connects to idea of allegory and there being a single 'truth' to be revealed (by poet)


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