Skeletal system 

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  • Skeletal system
    • function
      • support
        • skeleton is a frame
      • aid (for movement)
        • muscleattacheto bones
        • muscle contracts = pull the bones for movement
        • movement= at the joints
        • bones also act as levers =increase force/speed of movment
    • joints
      • where 2 or more bones meet = where movement can occur
        • Hinge joints = knee + elbow
          • movement= flexion+         extension
        • Ball and socket joints    hip/shoulder
          • Movement     -flexion          extension   rotation abduction      adduction
      • Flexion
        • angle at the joint decreases bones forming the joints move closer together
          • bicep curl           hamstrin curl
      • extension
        • angle at the joint increases bones forming the joint they move away from each other
          • basketball ball shot
      • abduction
        • movement away from  the midline
          • splits             star jump
      • adduction
        • movement  towards the midline
          • tennis forearm stroke
      • rotation
        • movement of the bone at the joint around its own axis      =biggest range of movement
          • front crawl





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