Six Working Principles

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  • Six Working Principles
    • 1."Only one thing is intrinsically good; namely love"
      • Actions aren't intrinsically good or bad
      • Actions are judged based on their consequence
      • Actions are part of a chain of cause and effect.
    • 2."The ruling norm of Christian decision is love"
      • Jesus replaced the Torah with the principle of love
        • Picking corn on the Sabbath
      • Love replaces law
      • You can break rules when required.
      • Immoral killing is immoral, but self-defence may be allowed
    • 3."Love and Justice are the same, for justice is love distributed"
      • Justice is love in the community, for the whole community
      • Love takes everything into account, it is not partial
      • It is not sentimental love, but preferential love
    • 4."Love wills the neighbour's good, whether we like him or not"
      • Love is not feeling but attitude
      • Agape is unconditional and does not require anything in return
      • This is New Testament agape love.
      • It is a desire for the good of the other, regardless of who they are
    • 5."Only the end justifies the means"
      • The end must be the most loving result
      • Whether something is lawful is irrelevent
      • Love is the goal and any that justifies any act
      • It must consider: desired end, means available, foreseeable consequence
    • 6."Love's decisions are made situationally, not prescriptively"
      • We must be free to make decisions based on the situation
      • If an action brings about the most love, it is right
      • Rules are repressive, and do not cover all situations
      • It is relative based on the situation


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