situational variables: evaluation

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  • situational variables: evaluation
    • research support
      • bickman
      • power of uniform in a field experiment
      • 3 confederates dressed in 3 different outfits
        • jacket and tie
        • milkman
        • security guard
      • stood in the street asking people to do tasks
        • picking up littler
        • giving money for the meter
      • twice as likely to obey security guard
        • than man in jacket and tie
      • uniform conveys authority
    • lack of internal validity
      • worked out procedure was fake
        • realised from the variations
          • (extra manipulation)
      • not genuine obedience
      • orne and holland
      • unclear if results are genuine
      • pp saw through deception
        • they acted accordingly
    • cross cultural replications
      • support milgram
        • Miranda et al
        • obedience in Spanish students
          • over 90%
        • valid across cultures
      • but most studies similar to culture in USA
        • not very generalizable
        • smith & bond
          • most replications take place in Western
        • premature to apply conclusion everywhere


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