Situation Ethics

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  • Situation Ethics
    • The Four Presumptions
      • Pragmatism
        • In order for the action to be deemed good it has to work.
      • Relativism
        • Each situation is different. A Situationist will take into account the situation before making a decision
      • Personalism
        • People come first
      • Positivism
        • God is love
        • In order to be a Situationist you need to take this into account
    • Making decisions
      • Consult the bible first in order to make a decision
        • If this doesnt give the most loving action it should be ignored
      • The agapeistic calculus can be used to find the most loving action
      • The main thing we should aim for is Agape. Unconditional love
    • The Six Principles
      • Love only is always good
      • Love is the only rule
      • Love and Justice are the same thing
      • Love is not liking
      • Love justifies the means
      • Love decides there and then
    • Atmosphere towards it
      • Catholicism didnt like it because it said that sometimes you should go against the bible
      • The Methodist Church accepted it
        • Only the Methodist church really accepted it
      • Only the Methodist church really accepted it


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