Situation Ethics at a glance

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  • Situation ethics
    • Four Presuppositions
      • Pragmatism
      • Relativism
      • positivism
      • Personalism
    • Six fundamentals
      • Only one is intrinsically good
      • The ultimate norm for Christian decision is love
      • Love and justice are the same - love is justice distrobuted
      • Love wills the neighbour whether we like them or not
      • Only the end justifies the means
      • Decisions ought to be made situationally
    • Strenghts
      • It is easy to understand
      • Constantly being updated to fit new issues
      • It is flexible depending on the situation
      • Focuses on human concern for others - agape love
    • Weaknesses
      • Too many grey areas i.e. flexibility allowing many things
      • Unclear boundaries
      • Can be easily exploited by claims of acting out of agape
      • Many people may not have achieved spiritual maturity
      • It allows things that aren't in line with Christian teachings.


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