Situation Ethics Key information

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  • Situation ethics
    • Agape
      • Do the most loving thing in any situation
    • Six Propositions
      • 1. Love is the only intrinsic good
      • 3.Love and justice are the same thing–justice is love that is distributed 
      • 2. Love is the ruling norm in ethical decision making and replaces all laws
      • 4. Love wills the neighbour’s good regardless of whether the neighbour is liked or not 
      • 5. Love is the goal or end of the act and that justifies any means to achieve that goal
      • 6. Love decides on each situation as it arises without a set of laws to guide it
    • 4 working principles
      • Pragmatism-  it is based on experience rather than on theory
      • Personalism- people should be at the centre of the theory
      • Positivism-  it begins with belief in the reality and importance of love 
      • Relativism- there should be no fixed rules. it is based on making the absolute laws of Christian ethics relative
    • Conscience
      • Conscience is a verb not a noun- you must do consicence
      • it describes our attempts to make proper decisions. It's the process of making moral decisions.
    • he rejected legalism and antinomian society (no rules) and thought we should find a middle ground


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