Situation Ethics Mindmap

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  • Situation Ethics
    • Four Working Principles
      • Pragmatism: practical in reality
      • Relativism: there should be no fixed rules
      • Positivism: put faith before reasoning and logic
      • Personalism: people should be at the centre of the theory
    • Six Fundamental Principles
      • Love is the only absolute
      • Christian decision making is based on love
      • Justice is distributed love
      • Love wants the good for anyone, no matter who they are
      • Only the end justifies the means
      • Love is situationally based, not prescriptively
    • Weaknesses of Situation Ethics
      • It is human nature to love family and friends more than strangers
      • Situation ethics does not provide any kind of guidance on topics that are external from love
      • Situation Ethics does not actually provide a coherent definition of what love is
      • It is difficult to appreciate the unintended  consequence or outcomes of our actions
      • Agape love is unrealistic and


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