Single parenthood

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  • Single-parent families
    • Why are single parent families headed by women?
      • 1. Women are more likely to get custody over children.
      • 3. Men dont want to give up their jobs to look after children as it could threaten their masculinity.
      • 4. Women are more nurturing so it is more socially acceptable.
      • 2. Men tend to have better jobs and are more reluctant to give it up.
    • Advantages
      • 3. Provides independence for women.
      • 2. One good parent is better than two bad ones.
      • 4. May be a choice, most single parents come from the nuclear family.
      • 1. Many children still do well academically and get professional jobs.
    • Disadvantages
      • 3. Children are more likely to become delinquents if they come from a single parent background.
      • 2. More likely to be dependant on the welfare and not work.
      • 1. Can't provide adequate socialisation. Children need both a male and female role model.
    • Reasons for the increase
      • 3. Welfare state supports single parents so women no longer have to rely on men.
      • 2, Greater social acceptance. E.g. Decline in religious views.
      • 4. Changing attitude to marriage.
      • 1. Divorce is easier now in the UK.
    • Views on single parenthood
        • Provides independence for women
      • NEW RIGHT
        • Too easy to become a single parent because of the welfare state. They also argue that they cant provide adequate socialisation.
    • Extent of single parenthood
      • 8% in 1971 compared with 22% in 2001.
      • African Caribbean's  are more likely to be single parents (50%)
      • Divorce, separation, death and never married stems to lone parenthood.


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