single transferable vote

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  • single transferable vote
    • rank in order of preference
    • if the winner has more votes than necessary
      • they are transferred to second favourite
    • if no majority
      • least popular is eliminated
        • those votes go to the second favourite
    • used in elections for European parliament
    • strengths
      • guarantees everyone is represented
      • puts power in hands of the voters
      • keeps MPs linked to people who voted for them
        • increases accountability
      • only those who get more than 50% can form government
        • any changes have to be backed by majority
      • voters can express opinions effectively
      • simple
      • no need for tactical voting
        • vote positively
      • strong and stable government
    • weaknesses
      • doesn't produce accurate proportional representation
      • breaks link between individual MP and their constituency
      • could lead to permanent coalition government
      • removes power from politicians
      • constituencies will be larger


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