simple inheritance in animals and plants

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  • Simple inheritance in plants and animals
    • Cell division and growth
      • Mitosis
        • cell division in the normal body and divides into 2
        • it copies the chromosomes in the nucleus and then divides to from 2 genetically identical cells
        • this is done to renew the cells in your body (i.e skin cells)
      • Differentiation
        • stem cells are unspecialised cells
        • specialised cells can only divide into the same sort of cell
    • Cell division in sexual repoduction
      • Meiosis
        • results in the gametes
        • Each gamete is slightly different to one another
        • similar to mitosis but it will divide into 2 again to form a total of 4 daughter cells each with a single set of chromosomes
      • Fertilisation
        • once fertilization takes place mitosis starts to occur
        • the combination of genes after fertilisation is always unique
    • Stem cells
      • an embryo is a collection of unspecialised cells which can then turn into any type of cell it needs to
      • even as an adult you still have stem cells in your bone marrow
      • stem cells in your bone marrow are only needed when replacing damaged cells (normally blood cells)
      • embryonic stem cells can be cultured to form organs
      • however there are a lot of ethicl issues


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