Unit 5 simple harmonic motion

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  • Simple Harmonic Motion
    • The maximum displacement from the equilibrium position is the amplitude of the swing
      • The pendulum will have zero velocity at maximum displacement
      • At zero displacement the pendulum will have maximum velocity
      • acceleration is at maximum when the displacement is maximum and zero when the displacement is in the middle.
    • Displacement of a pendulum is x=A cos wt
      • Combining this with f=-kx give F= -k A cos wt
        • a= (-k/m) A cos wt
    • Acceleration happens in the opposite direction of the displacement, when displacement is zero so is the acceleration.
    • Kinetic energy of a pendulum varies during its swinging motion
      • at each end of the swing the bob is stationary, so it has zero ke.
      • The ke is at maximum when the bob passes through the central position.


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