Silicon dioxide (silicon (4 oxide)

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  • Silicon dioxide (silicon (4 oxide)
    • Giant covalent structure
    • Macromolecular
    • Covalent network
    • Strong intramolecular covalent bonds throughout the structure
    • Solid with very high mpt.
    • Oxidation state of +4
    • tetrahedral- 109.5
    • Mpt= 1610
    • Bpt= 2230
    • Si atoms are larger than C atoms as they have more shells, the bigger the atoms the larger the bond.
      • This means the bond is too big for a pi bond to form.
        • Si does not form double bonds.
    • SiO2 is insoluble in water
      • You would have to break the covalent bonds- not enough energy/ forces of attraction


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