Silas Marner

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  • Silas Marner
    • George Eliot
      • After her mother died, she was her father's housekeeper
      • She was influenced by an Evangelical preacher during her childhood, whose Calvinistic beliefs she enthusiastically adopted
        • These beliefs were described in a church in Lantern Yard
      • Influenced by liberal thinkers in intellectual circles in London, she started questioning her conventional beliefs and had an extreme reaction to Christianity
      • After her father refused to speak to her, she started attending church
    • The Industrial Revolution
      • Traditional agriculture+ manufacturing methods completely changed as a result of more modern technologies
      • These changed had a massive impact on the social+ economic conditions of the time+ society changed as a whole
      • Raveloe is contrasted with Lantern Yard. When Lantern Yard is gone, it is replaced by a factory.
    • The Victorian Novel
      • The difficulties faced by the poorer people of the time
      • The portrayal of town+ country life
      • Satire, irony, humour
        • The highlighting of human foolishness+ failings by ridiculing them
      • Ghost stories+ Gothical tales were popular
        • The mystery+ suspense in the plot


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