Sikh practises

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  • Sikh Practices
    • Features of a Gurdwara
      • Nishan sahib- a flag that shows the building is a gurdwara
      • Palki - covers the raised are over the guru granth sahib
      • Chanaani - a canopy
      • Manji - a small bad for the Guru
      • Ragis- musicians
      • The langar - reflects God's love to all and equality
    • Worship in the home
      • Sikhs bathe as a way of remembering God is all around them
      • They prayer throughout the day and at night Sohila is said
      • A mala may be used and passed through the finger while repeating 'waheguru'
    • Vaisakhi
      • This celebrates the foundation of the khalsa
      • Sikhs will:
        • hold a akhand path
        • have a community meal
        • Sing and have music
        • have free food
        • replace the Nishan sahib
      • it is celebrated by all to show the scence of community and equality
    • Divali
      • It celebrates freedom and the triumph of good over evil
      • It celebrates Guru Hargobind freeing himself and 52 Hindu Princes
    • Gurpurbs
      • The celebration of the birth or death of a guru
      • The main ones are
        • The birth of Guru Nanak
        • The birth of Guru Gorbind Singh
        • The martyrdom of Guru Arjan
        • The martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur
    • Naming ceremonies
      • A granthi opens the Guru at random, and the first letter of the first word, of the first hymn will decide the first letter of the child's name
    • Amrit Sanskar
      • This is a ceremony for sikhs to join the khalsa
      • They adhere to certain rules
  • 'worship and adore him'
  • believe in the true Guru
  • 'keep the langar ever open'
  • 'rise in the early morning ... and meditate on the lord's name'
  • 'Stories of one's ancestors mak the children good children'
  • 'A thief is a thief no matter how much he bathes'
  • 'The true Guru has truly given a child'
  • 'today you are reborn in the true Guru's household'


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