Overuse of game consoles

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  • Signs of overuse
    • Not keeping up with homework
      • Grades are falling
    • Giving up on hobbies and activities
    • Irritated and agitated when not playing games
    • Sad or upset when you can't access a game
    • Spend all your free time gaming
    • Rather play games than spend time with friends or family
      • Relationships break down
      • Falling out with friends
    • Lie about how long you are gaming
    • Getting tired and fed up
      • Health is affected
        • Obesity
        • Muscle and joint problems
        • Eye Strain
        • RSI
    • Begin to only think about gaming
      • Can't think staight
    • Beginning to become agressive
      • Decreased empathy for others
    • Playing violent games can result in less brain activity involving thinking and emotional control


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