Significant Changes Under Thomas Cromwell

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  • Significant Changes Under Cromwell
    • Cromwell not only shaped the development of the government, but also the way England was administrated, worshiped and paid its taxes.
    • Cromwell transformed the role of Parliament, made Wales conform to England and broke down the traditional independence of the North.
    • He made the crown financially independent from Parliament.
    • He worked on the royal divorce, the Church and the monasteries.
    • Cromwell created organised financial departments to deal with income more effectively.
      • The Court of Augmentations dealt with income from monastic lands.
      • The Court of First Fruits and Tenths monitored the collection of church dues.
    • Historian Geoffrey Elton proposed that Henry conducted a 'revolution in government'.
      • Elton believes that he transformed a medieval system of a few servants into what we have today.
      • He improved the use of the Privy Chamber: he reduced its numbers drastically to 19, tightening the system and making it more effective.
        • This allowed Cromwell to implement decisions and coordinate the whole business of government: it was a 'revolutionary' change.
    • HOWEVER...
      • Cromwell returned England to an older financial system: he did not modernise it.
      • The Privy Council was firmly established under Henry VII: Cromwell improved previous practices rather than making 'revolutionary' changes.


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