Significant Changes Under Cardinal Wolsey

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  • Significant Changes under Cardinal Wolsey
    • He was Henry's Chief Minister from 1514 - 1529.
    • He did little in terms of domestic policy.
    • Wolsey was dominated by foreign affairs.
      • E.G. In 1518, he established the Treaty of London, a non-aggression pact, which was attended by 20 European leaders.
    • As Lord Chancellor, he heard cases.
      • He used the court of the Star Chamber to hear cases against the powerful.
    • He increased the power of the common law courts.
    • Historian John Elton states that he made significant financial reforms.
      • E.G. He introduced subsidy for tax payers who had to give details of property and income when determining how much they should pay.
    • He called on Parliament twice during his era for money for war.
    • Wolsey exerted great control over both the policies and positions to do with the King.
      • He has been depicted as an 'alter rex', or 'second king'.
    • HOWEVER, the significance of Wolsey's contributions is limited because all the while he remained Henry's servant.
      • Henry had ultimate control over the policies and laws passed.


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