The Significance of Huting-LOTF

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  • Significance of Hunting within LOTF
    • Fire on the Mountain
      • Jack becomes consumed with hunting the pigs
      • "Need an army - for hunting", this would allow Jack to be a leader.
      • "The pink live thing struggling in the creepers" could this be foreshadowing them?
      • "Before I could kill it - but - next time!", he believes it to be his main objective, killing the pig is Jack's duty.
      • "There's Pigs!" this phrase is repeated showing Jack's obsession with the idea of hunting. It is put before the necessity of shelter. Could this symbolise that the pigs are Jacks' only survival?
    • Huts On The Beach
      • "Just a feeling.But you can feel as if you're not hunting,but - being hunted; as if something's behind you all the time in the jungle.", We are aware of the sense of adrenalin and excitemeent (pleasure) that Jack gets when hunting. We still see however that they are young children as see it as a game.
      • "The opaque, mad look came into his eyes again."  This suggests that everyone knows that hunting is at Jacks center. Could this also suggest taht hunting keeps Jack from the reminder of little survival, it keeps him occuopied.
      • Jack is determined to kill a pig. He now wears shorts, ditching his school uniform, losing his old, public school-boy identitiy
      • Jack throws a spear at a pig but misses. He is no longer held back by rules which stopped him killing the pig in Chapter 1. He's becoming less civilised and more savage.
    • Shadows and Tall Trees
      • "Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!" Here we see the prospect of hunting as they chant in a savage nature. There are no guidelines so the boys start to embrace a sense of savagery.
      • "Just a game," this schoolboy language used by Ralph shows us how he tries to avoid the fact that they are no longer who they used to be.
      • "You want a real pig"..."Use a littlun" This shows us the sense of brutality upon the island and could also be in foreshadowing of their murderous and savage behaviour.
      • Ralph joins in the hunt for the pig and begins to understand Jacks appeal to hunting.
    • Painted Faces and Long Hair
      • "He looked in astonishment, no longer at himself but an awesome stranger." They are covering up their past identity, could this also be to hide the guilt of the deaths?
    • Gift for Darkness
      • "He's a hunter" Jack is given an almost like job title giving him a sense of authority.


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