Significance of the Parliament

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  • Significance of the Parliament
    • Short Term
      • Henry III ruled 1272 but he never called another meeting of the Great Council; when his son king Edward I became king he learned from his father's mistakes and called many Parliament.
      • In 1295 Edward called the Model Parliament, which was the first parliament that resembled our parliament today, with invited aristocrats, and elected commoners.
    • Medium term
      • The king's power was challenged again in 1649 with the death of Charles I and the start of the English Revolution; a republic governed for period of time.
      • The king's power was not totally changed until the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the 1689 Bill of Rights - Parliament gained more control than the monarch.
    • Long term
      • 1840s: The Chartists campaigned  for re- presentation  for the working class.
      • Women waited a long time for their voices to be heard: all women and men over the age of 21 got the vote in 1928 (from 1918-28 aged 21-30 were allowed to vote but only if they owned property)
    • Today
      • The queen or king is a figurehead with no direct influence over the government.


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