Significance of the number three within Macbeth

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  • Significance of the Number 3
    • Three Witches
      • Three prophecies
        • Thane of Glamis
        • Thane of Cawdor
        • King hereafter
      • Three apparitions
        • Macbeth's decapitated head
        • Bloody child representing Macduff
        • Child holding a tree representing Malcolm
      • Catalysts of the downfall of Macbeth's character
      • Only characters to consistently speak in rhyming couplets
    • Considered to be an unlucky number in Shakespeare's time
    • Contrast to the Holy Trinity
      • Lord, Son, Holy Spirit
      • Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, The Witches
    • Act One, Scene THREE the turning point for Macbeth's character
    • Anything that occurs in threes is usually an omen of death
      • Three witches: Duncan's murder
      • Three murderers: Banquo's murder
      • Three apparitions: Macbeth's murder
    • Three kings: Duncan, Macbeth & Malcolm
  • Context
  • Within the play


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