Significance of heroism in A long long way and two other texts you have studied

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  • Significance of heroism in A long long way and two other texts you have studied
    • A Long Long way
      • HEROISM
        • Heroism in ALLW comes from Willie - he choses to join the Royal Dublin Fusiliers (partly due to his height leaving him without the option to join the police force)
          • Willie feels the need to join the army after not being able to join the police - he feels the need to join a job which would bring pride to his father
            • "his father measured him every night" his father measured him in order to make sure he met the height needed of a police officer, Barry emphasizes how important willie becoming a police office is to his father.
              • "white horse" the significance of Barry portraying Willie's father working on a white horse has the connotation that the job he is doing is pure, and the "right" thing - Willie see's what his father does as an honorable job
                • HOWEVER Willie's little amount of political knowledge or care lessens the significance of his heroic choice to join the army.
    • Text 1: War Film
      • Context: Woman's perspective of the grim reality of war. In addition to this, her brother received a medal of bravery (after he died from influenza)
      • "sorrow and pride" Hooley demonstrates the dual feelings those on the home front felt, knowing they were defending the country but simultaneously murdering a brother, dad or son. Juxtaposition
        • Hooley also plays with the ideas of childhood more particularly pregnancy in contrast to soldiers suffering brutal deaths.
          • how does this relate to heroism and its importance? Through hooley contrasting imagery laced with innocence to the gritty death and reality of once war is over, death is still fragile. HEROIC behavior can be diminished to a medal quickly.
  • What does the question ask?1. "significance" the importance of, or why it's important? 2. "heroism" why a character decides to be heroic, or why they chose to be brave.
  • Text 2:


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